Virtual Reality Therapy ( Vrt ) And Hypnosis

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Few experiences are more agonizing than the pain accompanying severe burn injuries. Virtual reality therapy (VRT) and hypnosis are two convincing and fascinating treatments for the procedural pain experienced by burn patients. The patients that are hospitalised due to these injuries undergo routine wound care procedures – cleansing and removing dead tissue to prevent infection - that are so excruciating hat even the use of aggressive analgesics (opioids) cannot control the pain (Rd 1/Rd 3). It is at times like these that patients need the most pain relief, thus prevention of trauma during the wound care procedure is essential to minimising procedural pain. The perception of pain involves a strong psychological component (). Depending on what the patient is thinking, an incoming pain signal can be perceived as more or less painful, psychological factors can also impact the amount of pain signals allowed to enter the brain (Rd 3). This is where virtual reality and hypnosis come in. VRT makes the patient imagine going into and engaging with the virtual world. The patient’s attention then, is focused in the virtual world rather than his wounds. Due to this lack of attention, and less time spent thinking about the pain there is a decrease in pain felt during the wound care procedure (Rd 2). Hypnosis is characterised by deep relaxation and suggestibility and is useful in minimising experience of pain (cite book). It works by inducing analgesia and then giving suggestions of

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