Virtual Reality and the Gaming Industry

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VII. Impact on individuals

Teenagers Virtual reality gives huge benefits in education and helps to improve student engagement. It’s one of the best ways to engage and helps the students to understand the subject through virtual reality system. Especially in the virtual reality game will bring significant impact to teenagers. The major three types of impact are social difficulty (socially impaired), physical and psychological difficulty. Even virtual reality is a great tool to learn, but it is not a universal learning method for all of the educational areas. Too much of virtual reality for students will cause social difficulties because an inescapable aspect of social life is the formation and maintenance of interpersonal relationships
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It will be divided into two paths of virtual reality. First is the True to life VR and the second is Imaginary VR. True to life VR is the path for computer-generated environments takes us on a journey to more accurate simulations of real world situations. Wearing goggles and headphones to recreate the sights and sounds in a 3D space, with perhaps sensors attached to your head and limbs that could translate your body movements into the movements of our avatar, the virtual body that acts within the computer generated environment. In a more sophisticated laboratory, air nozzles and scent dispensers that could simulate changes in air movement, temperatures, and smells might even surround you. A treadmill under your feet might work well in the virtual scenario of a walk through the woods, as you feel a cool breeze on your face and enjoy the aroma of wild flowers. There are a few problems when the person tries to mimic reaching, grabbing, and stepping on limbs that allows climbing up the tree. Although visual could be ascending because we the person can’t actually feel when climbing. True to life VR are trying to make virtual scenes as realistic as possible, such as a high school history class strolls through the busy streets of ancient Rome or Daughter in Venice playing tennis with her father in Seattle without getting out of their house.
Another path is the Imaginary VR. This VR constructs imaginary environments or anything such as
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