Virtual Relationship Fraud

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Virtual Relationship Fraud 2.0


Deception is one of the most highly discussed terms within the modern day society; the awareness between deception and communication technology has raised many questions regarding deception and technology, also known as ‘digital deception’.

Research Questions
The questions this paper will research are societal issues concerned with deception and self-presentation. 1) How can the Internet facilitate deception through the manipulation of identity; 2) how are lies produced; do they differ in Internet conversations used to form intimate relationships? Do different media vehicles cause more intentional forms of lying; 3) is there a way to detect digital deception in different online communication spaces? In which situation is it more difficult to detect lies in a text-based or face-to-face interaction? What factors affect our ability to determine these deceptions?

In order to further develop the motivation behind this fascination, I will question the reasoning behind digital identity fallacies, and what steps are/can be taken in order to prevent this misuse of online dating communities. In order to fully prepare an argument that has been structurally constructed based on previous researchers evidence, I have incorporated many sources that have addressed the topic of digital deception and “catfishing” before developing my own research.

Digital deception refers to the intentional control of information in a
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