Virtual School Curriculum : The Focus Of Qualitative Research

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Central phenomenon (McMillan, pp. 52-53) – the focus of qualitative research. Virtual school curriculum could be studied and the central phenomenon would be who writes the curriculum and what resources are included in the curriculum.
Dependent variable (McMillan, p.39) - the item that responds to alterations of the independent variable. In my professional practice I would research the effectiveness of virtual schooling with regards to standardized testing. In my experience students who exclusively learn through virtual schools do not perform as well on state-mandated high-stakes tests as their face-to-face peers. The dependent variable for this study would be the tests scores.
Independent variable (McMillan, p. 39) - the item the researcher manipulates in order to measure changes of the dependent variable. In the hypothetical research mentioned above, the independent variable would be where the students were enrolled, virtual school or traditional school.
Refereed (McMillan, p. 72) - research that has been rigorously reviewed and recommendations made to the author from someone not involved in the research itself. An example of a refereed journal is The New England Journal of Medicine, which has an extensive review process in which five different experts review each submission before considering it for publication. The lengthy process can be studied by going to
Nonrefereed (McMillan, p. 72) - research that has not
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