Virtualization Is An Important Component

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Virtualization is an important component when it comes to server. It’s helpful when using one instance of a server and spread it on multiple devices. Virtualization is a “use of software to allow a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time” (Rouse, web) They all act as a different machine allowing the user ability to reset and start all over again at any given time. Operating system virtualization has many important features and they all help reduce cost and energy in long term. One of the most important feature of virtualization is the ability to run multiple operating system just from one hardware. “Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications while sharing the resources of a single physical computer.” (What is Virtualization, web). This is especially useful because it lets anyone run multiple operating systems from just one hardware. It allows the user to run their system to the max for a testing purpose. Just in case if their system were to crash, then all they would have to do is just boot that particular system off of a state that they would have saved periodically. Another reason why virtualization is such a great way is because of cost. The cost to buy multiple licensing free would run the company in tens of thousands dollar. But with virtualization all the company need to do is buy on license and then the company can run as many licenses as the company want with that one. The
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