Virtue: A Fictional Narrative

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Here is Prue, she was daydreaming until…. a strange man came running straight towards her. Striving to turn it was too late . By this time, she was already smelling must and onion like breath. As she held her breath ,the man started to talk. ¨Take care of this box!”, then he just ran away. There was something in it,but what was it? It was starting to get late. She decided to jog all the way home, so she would not miss her curfew. Strict and firm, her parents never let her do a thing. Sometimes she just thought that because they were Catholic. She didn’t know who she was. Prue was adopted in 1999 from a single mother in Germany.
She set the small, half, broken box on the table. As she swung her arm over to get a small, pocket knife she had
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Mom nodded and that gave me the okay to start to talk. I started up again.
“I have a puppy in my bedroom.” Boom, just like that, dead silence. My face started burning up… I didn’t know what to say. I ran up stairs and landed face first in my pillow. I knew they would never let me have Nico. What had she done? Nico made her feel complete. She wondered what they would do. Her mother and father came up to her bedroom with spaghetti and 2 pieces of garlic bread. They turned on the light and started talking. “We are not upset, we think you should care for the puppy.” I suddenly arose from my fluffy pillow and sat up. Another dead silence, I just didn’t know how to respond. All I could do was scream, yell, cry tears of joy. But, I should at least show them the puppy. I should hurry, he is probably hungry. I went over to the half broken box. I took out the puppy with a gentle hand “We should get him things from the pet shop, so we can start taking care of him. Then we will try to find his owner.” My heart stopped. They said that I could keep Nico. He was mine, I just couldn’t let him go. Nico had barked like understood
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She got a bowl, ran upstairs and tried to find Nico. She finally she found him in her closet, sleeping. As soon as she open the door he jumps up and is wide awake. She rambled through the bag and found the leash. She put the initial collar on started to walk out the door. Outside, she felt a nice cool breeze. But something had ruined that, She saw a little girl and a woman putting up pictures of a dog that looked just like Nico. After the family finished putting up the flyer of Nico. Now she was sure that this puppy was Nico, because the girl claimed that Nico was her puppy and she had found him. Prue’s eyes watered up, she did not know what what to say. Prue motioned the little girl and her mother to follow her. She was too lost for words, so all could do was motion them to my house. It was a quiet walk down the street.
Finally, the awkward walk was over. Prue rang the doorbell and her mother opened her door. Mrs, Halliwell greeted them and ask them to come inside. Still on the leash, Nico was automatically let go. Mr. Halliwell asked them to sit down. “Hi, I am Pam Halliwell, and this is
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