Virtue Ethics In John Q

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The movie “John Q” by Denzel Washington is about a man whose nine-year is in desperate need for heart transplant, when he discovers that his medical insurance won’t cover and there is no alternative way to pay for the surgery or even to get his name on the organ lists. John Q. Archibald takes the hospital emergency room in hostage to save his child. John Q may be viewed either a bad or a good character, in this argument the question is was John Q was morally right to take the hospital hostage to save his son? If yes than how? People are always trying to do the right thing, such as handing in assignments, getting to work on time, donating. This may make you look like a good person, by there is always a motive behind why you do something, if it’s to just please people and have a good profile, Did John Q care about being a good person or the consequences or was he just trying to save his son? This will be identified through philosopher’s theories of ethics and if in this situation is what the character did morally right and how.
Rather than focusing on the good life or the rightness or wrongness of actions, virtue ethics focuses the role of character. They believe that a good person is a virtuous person, someone whose moral choices are guided by his or her character rather than simply weighing the consequences of specific actions (Notes). In the movie, we know that Archibald didn’t care about the consequences of his actions and kept the hospital in hostage in an attempt to save

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