Virtue in Telemachus’ Life

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Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope in the Odyssey. He was raised without a father and this caused him not to have a strong male example in his life. He was forced to mature into a man on his own and become the man his father was. Telemachus is required to figure out ways to be honorable on his own and this causes him to have a deeper responsibility than the normal man of his age. In Telemachus’ life, he is able to mature into an adult man capable of making virtuous decisions and acting with the honor that is required of a virtuous man of the Greek world and Christian world. Virtue in the Greek world was determined mainly by how one is viewed by others. This was an important notion for the Greeks, since their society was very…show more content…
This event shows that he is ready to assume the role of king if his father would not make it back. The first time Telemachus shows bravery is when he tells the suitors to leave the palace (Odyssey 2.155-58). He does not know how they will react or even if they will try to kill him on the spot. Towards the end of the Odyssey, Telemachus proves himself a worthy warrior and gains his honor when he fights the suitors with his father. “He paused with a warning nod, and at that sign Prince Telemachus took his stand by a chair that flanked his father, his bronze spear point glinting now like fire” (Odyssey 21.480-84). According to the Greek tradition of virtue, Telemachus has become a man of arête and virtue since he excelled on the battlefield and in gaining honor from his travels. Telemachus would have been viewed virtuous according to the Christian standards since he has each of the theological virtues required. He shows the virtue of faith by believing in the goddess Athena after she reveals herself as being disguised as Mentor. Nestor speaks for Telemachus and says, “quickly carry out my wishes now so I may please the gods, Athena first of all” (Odyssey 3.467-68). Telemachus trusts the god’s plan and the information they have provided about his excursion. He shows the virtue of hope by using his trust in the gods to help him speak in front of King
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