Viruses Can Make Real Zombies Essay

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Even though they seem unrealistic, zombies can be created and are realistic due to these several things that can happen in the brain that can cause a person to act like a them. Parasites and viruses can cause these things, however, viruses are the closest to realism due to how they can spread. Everything wrong with a zombie is likely caused by their brain because of the way they behave. However to understand all this you need to understand how viruses work. Viruses can do many different things to a body, they can destroy, corrupt, and take over cells in the body. They can damage parts of the body or make your body destroy itself, viruses are dangerous but sometimes can be cured. Viruses do not have the enzymes needed to carry out life so…show more content…
A zombie acts different from a regular human in many ways, such as its stiff legged way it walks or the odd moaning and groaning. These things can be caused by the way viruses can affect our body read previously. The zombie’s odd stiff legged movement is caused by damage to the cerebellum, the area in your brain that contains a great deal of neurons. In fact, it contains almost half of the neurons in the entire brain, damage here is known to cause this type of movement. This damage in the cerebellum is called spino-cerebellar ataxia, or just ataxia. The movement is specifically stiff legs, wide stances, and lumbering walking. This is a rare disease, however, if a virus’s main instruction is to attack the cerebellum then it is likely it will no longer be rare. Another common zombie characteristic is the moaning and groaning that comes from that rotted mouth. This is caused by more damage to the brain. This damage, known as Wernicke’s Aphasia, is the cause of speech that cannot be understood: moaning, groaning, and not able to say a single understandable word. Wernicke’s Aphasia also causes a severe inability to understand any spoken words, as well as written words. The damage area of this disease is to the junction of two brain lobes, the temporal and parietal, the massive bundle of connecting become disconnected, making it impossible to do any of the above things. Zombies like to eat flesh and brains, however, I say this more caused by aggression.
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