Visa, Inc.(Ipo Paper) by Didier Buka

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IPO Paper

Visa Inc. (VN) operates the world’s largest retail electronic payments network and manages the world’s most recognized global financial services brand. Visa has more branded credit and debit cards in circulation, more transactions and greater total volume than any of their competitors. They facilitate global commerce through the transfer of value and information among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, businesses and government entities. They provide financial institutions, their primary customers, with product platforms encompassing consumer credit, debit, prepaid and commercial payments. Visa Net, their secure, centralized, global processing platform, enables them to provide financial institutions and
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Class A common stock is being offered to the public pursuant to this prospectus. Class B common stock is held by financial institution customers that are members of Visa U.S.A. Class C (series I) common stock is held by financial institution customers that are associated with Visa Canada and their AP, LAC and CEMEA regions. Class C (series II, III and IV) common stock is held by Visa Europe.
However, an investment in their class A common stock involves a high degree of risk. You should carefully consider each of the following risk factors and all other information set forth in this prospectus before investing in their class A common stock. Any of the following risks, if realized, could materially and adversely affect their revenues, operating results, profitability, financial condition, prospects for future growth and overall business. In that case, the trading price of their class A common stock could decline and you could lose all or part of their investment.

Giving pro forma effect to the transactions described above and the October 2008 redemption and subsequent conversion as if each occurred promptly following the closing of this offering, the number of shares outstanding and the number of shares of class A common

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