Vision And Mission Statement Of Airtel Sierra Leone Insurance Company

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Assignment 2: Write a Vision and Mission Statements of the Organization you work for
I currently work for Airtel Sierra Leone.

1) What would they like the business you work for to become? (5 people)

• To be the only choice in the telecommunication industry
• To give good and improved network quality service
• To have quality customer care service and improve on the customer base
• To invest in their employees in trainings, studies and workshops
• To increase their salary and create more opportunity for growth
Current Vision statement for Airtel:
Vision statement by 2015: “By 2015 Airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions”

2) What do you want this business to become?

Revised Version of Airtel’s Vision Statement:
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Guarantee Trust Bank: has a brief statement that defines the purpose of the business and day also deliver according to their mission statement

Differences between the mission statements

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MISSION STATEMENTS Airtel Sierra Leone Insurance Company (SLICOM) MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN SL GUARANTEE TRUST BANK SL STACO INSURANCE COMPANY It mainly focus on the telecommunication industry and how to improve better service focus on insurance and effective insurance service and system Deals with finance and economic growth. That are also not customer emphasis financial service system provider provides good and quality core value to its customers

5) How you define effectiveness and what you think the outstanding qualities of a mission statement are.
An effective mission statement should be concise enough for you to describe your company’s purpose and ideals in less than 30 seconds.
Therefore for a mission statement to be effective its meaning and purpose should be operational in the business. Every key word in it should also be accomplished. A mission statement should say who your company is, what you do, what you stand for and why you do it.

6) outstanding qualities of a mission statement

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