Vision, Background, And Personal Aspirations

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Vision, Background and Personal Aspirations
This paper presents an introduction to the author, Kenneth Murphy, from perspectives of vision, educational background, personal background, and personal aspirations. As a technology-oriented project manager, I have found great opportunity in my field and even more satisfaction with my work and achievements. For the past 15 years in this position, I have gained a stronger understanding of management and leadership skills. However, my employer, Xerox, has moved to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, known as ITIL, service model for IT, and my team of employees has been cut by three fourths over the past few years. While this model is more aligned with enterprise strategy and
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I moved into my current role as a technology manager in 2001. In addition to keeping systems operational, I continue to develop software and also do quite a bit of technical writing. I have been a part of proposal writing teams, and I have produced and continue to maintain disaster recovery, business continuity, and security management plans. Security management comes with the territory, and I am responsible for the information security posture of my local operation, although I have little formal training in that area. The senior vice president of my division asked me to purse Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Manager Institute (PMI) to meet contractual requirements in place with our State of California client. To meet the education requirements for this certification, I earned a graduate certificate in project management through the University of Phoenix’s business school. In May 2016 I earned my PMP certification, and along with it, I have a renewed interest in leadership as I have transitioned into more of a technical project management role.
Agile development is a relatively new management framework for knowledge work projects, focusing on the socio-technical nature of project teams and creative collaboration (Gandomani & Nafchi, 2016). Software development is at the forefront of the transition to agile methodologies (Lechler & Siwen, 2017) and I am currently studying for the PMI Agile
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