Vision, Goals, Values

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1. Strategy - Vision, Goals, Values

A Plus Company will be the first winery to produce real organic red wine by providing no additive- and preservative-free-“Pureissimo” in California State. A Plus will sell real organic red wines in California and export into Chinese market, and build reputation for “Pureissimo”.
A Plus will provide healthy red wines, which are no additive- and preservative-free. The red wines will taste more pure than regular red wines that with chemical flavor.
A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. In 1992, Harvard researchers suggested that specifically red wine is the most beneficial to your heart health, to reduce coronary heart disease risk and may inhibit tumor development in some cancers1.
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A Plus will keep on updating, meeting market demands, and providing new, environmentally friendly high-tech products to its clients.
By doing this, A Plus will be establishing and subsequently increasing its visibility and its business as a worldwide company.

2. Strategic Objectives

A Plus 's objectives for the next few years are:
• Update A Plus Winery equipment and set up;
• Produce premium California organic grape wines to export to China;
• Attain and increase an annual gross revenue from $530,000 to $2.2M by the fifth year;
• Conduct extensive market research;
• Set up relatively mature sales channels;
• Create a service-based company with its #1 goal being to continually exceed the customer 's expectations;
• Increase their initial client base by 100% each year for the first two years.

3. Background

Grape wine is colorful and beautiful containing rich glucose, fructose, pentose, multiple amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin B, multiple organic acids, polyphones and other nutrients, which help digestion, soften the blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis.

In China, wine has become a more common drink rather than solely a special occasion one, which is the consequence of market expansion, segmentation and westernization. The fast-growing market has brought new opportunities to wine
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