Vision Of Education For Educational Leaders

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Vision of Education According to the Standards for Educational Leaders (2015), “effective educational leaders develop, advocate, and enact a shared mission, vision, and core values of high-quality education and academic success and well-being of each student.” As an educational leader, my mission statement is to synergistically pursue academic excellence, respect, and responsibility to produce productive life-long members of society. The core values of my educational vision is the acronym TRANSFORM, which means to teach all students, respect diversity, achieve academic excellence, nurture, symbolize a safe environment, foster collaborative partnerships, optimize learning experiences, recognize responsibilities, and maximize potential. My vision of education will be shared among all staff, students, and other stakeholders through way of the mission statement, core values, and modeling. It will be a collaborative process in which everyone is involved and aware. “Shared vision and team learning are related, since shared vision allows an essential space to be created for the development of learning and teamwork. Both facilitate educational organizational learning and improvement in organizational performance” (Garcia-Morales, Lopez-Martin, Llamas-Sanchez, 2006) Collaboration and communication are key in ensuring all stakeholders are informed and are aware of all expectations. Since educational leaders should be change agents in their environments, transformational leadership
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