Vision Statement And Mission Statement

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Many employees and leader do not know that role of vision and Mission statement play a main part in a company or organization. Many companies and organization have a mission and vision statement for their company. The purpose for the statement is a foundation guide for the people and leader. The vision and mission statement help companies made better decide for companies and organization. The mission statement has one goal or purpose that is to explain the reason for this company to be existence. This statement target people like employees and leader who work for the company or organization. Many people are very confused about vision statement and mission statement. Vision statement describes the company or organization future successful in the next five to 10 years. It is also an inspirational and aspirations statement for the organization, companies, and employees. Vision statement given employees a sense of purpose or hope, but today people need hope and purse for a company. There are five Healthier Leadership organization have a missions and visions statement which is unique. Each mission and vision statement is having one purpose which is development health care leaders but their statements have some pro and con about it. The vision and mission statement will play a main part in the five health care leadership organization.
After analyze the vision and mission statement for five health care leadership organization, they must emphasize on the determination

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