Vision for the Future of Nursing Essay

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VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF NURSING February 28, 2011 Introduction United States is transforming its health care sector in order to give affordable and quality healthcare to its people. This system is envisioned to be accessible to every patient centered and evidence based care facility that will improve the health care. In order to realize this dream, the system requires drastic remodeling in various aspects (Domino, 2005). One of the major aspects that shall be considered is the nursing profession that represents the largest part of the system. By looking into various aspects of the nursing profession, nursing organizations as well as the state bodies can develop measures that will see futures developments within this sector. Of…show more content…
With efforts under way in the matching of the demand and supply of nurses, there exist a realization that the community of nurses can only realize change through effective leadership and planning. Kany (2004) argues that the American Nursing Association created a plan that would see the future development of the nursing program. This plan incorporated various steps that were seen as vital towards the increase in the number of nursing staff. Their plan realized that the first step was the creation of nursing leadership that creates comprehensive strategies that can direct the future of nursing (Cicatiello, 2000). These strategies will be realized through the assistance of nursing organizations and stakeholders within the healthcare system. Stakeholders in this care are the respective nursing educators, nursing bodies that are associated with the welfare of nurses. Therefore nurse’s role should move beyond patient care and recovery but to leadership and planning. Hence the future of nurses will have a base that is characterized by collaborative efforts of their own actions in order to support healthcare administration in the implementation of healthcare plans. Hence the future will be one where the nurses will be actively involved in the planning, implementation and exeution of any policy and plans that are related to their job description. Another important role we envision in our nurses is the ability to
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