Vision for the Future of Nursing

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Vision for the future of nursing Currently, health care in the US has been made accessible and affordable to everyone, as evidenced by the increase in the number of patients in the health care system. The nursing profession is already facing numerous challenges to deliver good quality and safe patient care. Therefore, there is a need for growth in remodeling the nursing profession to meet the high demand of an aging population with more complex needs. The nurses have to quickly adapt to a new world of technology that is complex and sophisticated. The nurse, as the primary health care provider, has the power to provide a consistent environment to the patient. In order to direct the nursing profession forward, professional nursing…show more content…
The nursing profession needs to establish its clinical practice on observed evidence by making the best for the patient, by providing a cost-effective safe practice, and by enhancing the reliability of nursing care. The Application of Nursing Theory Florence Nightingale introduced the advancement of the theory in nursing in the 1800’s, but the theory was only fully used hundred of years later. The challenges of today’s health care include making theory-based practice a reality. “Direct application of theory to clinical situations will depend upon the ability to develop models that are operationalized with the nursing process” (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p.114). Theory can offer a way for nurses to communicate to others in a meaningful way about the nursing practice. Theories contribute to nursing opportunities to make critical decisions and also on how to apply them into practice. Theories guide professional nurses with their practice in how to organize, analyze, understand the connection between pieces of data, and differentiate what data is relevant. Theories also help nurses make sound clinical judgments based on evidence to ensure their patients are getting the best care possible. Using several theories increase the understanding of the nature of nursing and its scope. The
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