Vision vs. Mission Statements

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Vision versus mission statements Five criteria crucial to devising good mission statements Mission statements must be specific enough so that they define what is unique about the company, yet general enough to allow the company to change with the needs of the times Mission statements must make specific reference to the product or service the company provides Mission statements must reference the company's attitude towards its customer and products and services Mission statements must define the role of employees in relation to the product, services and customer Mission statements must contain active verbs Five criteria critical to good vision statements Vision statements must be future-oriented Vision statements must define company values Vision statements must be idealistic enough to set a higher tone for the company, yet realistic enough so that they are taken seriously Vision statements must be underlined with a sense of ethics Vision statements must be unique Justify your choices. Explain why you think each individual criterion is important. Mission statements give employees at the company a sense of purpose and a rationale for what they are doing. That is why they are phrased in terms of action-oriented verbs. They define the basic purpose for why the company exists in terms of its product, and also define the employee's role in relation to that product. They explain why customers find the product or service provided by the company to be so valuable,
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