Visionary Leader And Ethical Leader

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Visionary Leader/Ethical Leader Synthesis Essay
MSgt/Joseph P. Michel
MSgt Madau
February 7, 2015 Visionary Leader/Ethical Leader Synthesis Essay
What are the best qualities, or traits to have absolutely no vision? How does a person become unethical? In would be very interesting if people actually asked these questions, but actually the opposite has been proven useful for those that strive to become visionary and ethical leaders. This is especially true for the great Ronald Reagan. The combination of a highly admirable ethics, and great visionary accomplishments has made Ronald Reagan one of the most important American Presidents and leaders in history. This essay will give a better understanding of why Ronald Reagan was a visionary leader, to include specific examples of his visionary leadership traits. Then an examination of why he is an ethical leader to include two specific displays that proved he was an ethical leader when tested will be accomplished. Once those are all presented, I will take the time to explain the personal relevance and impact this has on my leadership. To further understand this, an evaluation of Roland Reagan’s Visionary Leadership needs to be accomplished first.
Visionary Leader
Ronald Reagan was a visionary leader that was very charismatic with both a short and long-range vision. He held Presidential office from 1981 to 1989. Some of his specific accomplishments that displayed visionary leadership were that he ended the “Cold

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