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[Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines] Jim Jones Visionary Leader/Ethical Leader Synthesis Essay In this essay I will explain why Jim Jones was a Visionary Leader but by no means an ethical leader. In many ways Jim Jones was decades ahead of his time with regards to social issues. His leadership helped many disadvantaged people in Indianapolis, Indiana. At first glance it may appear he used his Visionary Leadership for a higher cause; however his unethical pursuits, ultimately resulted in the downfall of his church, his followers and himself when 914 members of his congregation committed suicide after “drinking the Kool Aid”. Visionary Leadership From early in his life Jim Jones had a vision of the world he wanted to…show more content…
Those people who were deemed not suitable were discarded. By culling his congregation in this manner Jim Jones was able to build a team, which would fulfill his goal of a socialist utopian society. Unhappy with the racial climate of the 1960s in Indianna, Jim Jones moved his congregation to California (Ryan, 2011) in order to further unify the church. By fostering an inclusive environment (USAF) he was able to create value for the church members. Once the church was moved, Jim Jones began to develop the next phase of his plan. While in California Jim Jones met with his inner circle and developed a plan to move his vision of a socialist society outside the US to avoid government oversight. The team conducted research and discovered that land in Ghana was cheep and the local population spoke English. A key point in this phase of his plan was to raise the necessary money to fund the project. This was conducted through an incremental raising of the recommended tithing from 10% to 25%. Shortly thereafter Jim Jones convinced his followers to sell all of their belonging and give the money to the Peoples Temple. Having raised the required money, Jim Jones was ready to begin the next phase of his plan. His followers were now socially and economically dependent on the Peoples Temple. Jim Jones formed an advanced team to go to Ghana and prepare the site of the Peoples Temple compound. After
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