Visionary Leadership : Vision And Values Essay

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Visionary Leadership Visionary leadership focuses on encouraging people to believe, and helping them carry out the vision of the organization. According to Tompkins, Visionary leadership theory holds that those in position of responsibility must develop a clear vision of organizational success, articulate the values by which success will be achieved, symbolize vision and values in everything they do, and inspire organizational members to adopt the vision and values as their own (Tompkins, 2005). Transformation Leadership According to Tompkins, Transformation leadership is required when habitual ways of doing things no longer work, or when a dramatic change in the environment requires new responses, thus necessitating the complete transformation of the organization (Tompkins, 2005). This leadership style requires creating a vison of success and mobilizing large factions of employees toward enacting that vision (Tompkins, 2005). Situational Leadership Situational leadership a change depending on the situation, the follower, and the leader. Situational leadership consist of an interplay among the amount of guidance and direction (task behavior) leader gives; the amount of socioemotional support (relationship behavior) a leader provides; and the readiness level that followers exhibit in performing a specific task , function, or objective (Hersey, 1996). This concept was developed to help people attempting leadership, regardless of their role, to be effective in their daily
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