Visionary Leadership : Warren Bennis

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Introduction World renowned leadership expert Warren Bennis teamed up with scholar Burt Nanus to create a timeless and classic piece of work. Author Warren Bennis is known for paving the way for contemporary leadership while author Burt Nanus has defined visionary leadership, two elements evident in their work Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge. These authors have a created an easy to read manual for basic leadership that will transform individuals and organizations. Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge is a blueprint to transform managers into leaders and transform leaders into transformative leaders. Summary The authors of Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge created a simple infrastructure to identifying the essential processes to becoming a take charge leader. This book can be separated in two parts. Bennis and Nanus use the same strategies of becoming a great leader to transcending one’s self and using the exact strategies to empower and transform an organization. The book begins with enlightening the reader with what charge truly looks like in leadership. In this section of the book the reader will identify a paradigm shift and establish the power of transformative leadership. The authors proceed with ensuring the reader understands the importance of managing one’s self prior to being an effective and empowering leader. In this section of the book the authors provide the following four strategies which are also used to transform an organization: attention
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