Visionary Serial Killer Research Paper

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In our readings, we Define Visionary serial killers as someone who commits incomprehensible active serial fatal victimization. We described the crime scene as chaotic. and that there is an abundance of physical evidence left at the scene, and evidence that is found is used to determine the personality of the person. Visionary killers may also suffer from severe breaks and social reality, which is why they try and justify what they do to be for the greater good. According to Google, a Visionary serial killer is Hedonistic, this type of serial killer seeks thrills and derives pleasure from killing.(Google,2017) Many of times we think of serial killers as all being a Visionary serial killer, especially when we watch films and documentaries on them, often times when they are described as insane, or really detached from the world, and then script right of their kill sites it's often times very bloody messy unclean but not all killers are like this. In fact, Visionary serial killers are the minority. One example of a Visionary serial killer that we learned about in our lectures is Cleo-Green, he was a black male in his early thirties and was in a suburb of Kentucky. Cleo-Green Was quite detached from the world in fact after returning to his car after a night out he believed that there was a demon in his car and the demon …show more content…

also Visionary killers are at the lowest percentage of serial killers because it takes a particular type of killer to be considered a visionary killer while many killers will claim to be crazy, and detached from the world, saying that someone told them to do it, Actually being put into this category is extremely difficult and less They Carried those specific traits which are why Visionary serial killers are at the bottom of the

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