Visions Adolescent Treatment Center

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Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers Review Welcome to our Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers review! Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers was founded in 2002. It is a treatment center for kids between the ages of 13-18. And they offer a comprehensive clinically-based treatment option for those in need and their families. Visions' uses a multi-modal approach for treatment of complex issues. The program encompasses the family, previous treatment professionals, teachers, community experts and their own team of unparalleled clinicians. Additionally, the Visions Day School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is open to boys and girls alike with the average stay being 45-90 days. [the-good] • Four treatment…show more content…
This option provides two Los Angeles outpatient structured programs with solution-based treatments that are based on the clients' objectives. This program requires involvement from a family member or legal guardian. The information for this program is well-designed and broken down step-by-step on the Visions' website. Adolescent Day School. This option provides a safe learning environment for students who are unable to function in a mainstream environment due to addictions and other emotional and behavioral problems. The Visions' website provides very detailed information about this program so you can see exactly what is involved every minute of the day. NeXt...Adolescent Extended Care. This option provides a safe, supportive, next step daily living program. This program is filled with structured accountability that helps the client support implementing learned skills and positive choices that can lead them to a healthy and productive lifestyle. The NeXt program is for ages 15-18 and requires the involvement of a family member or guardian. The average length of stay for this program is 90…show more content…
This is something that can be easily obtained by a quick phone call. However, it would be more beneficial to their website visitors if they were to include it on their website. Including this information on their website would be more convenient to those trying to decide which treatment center to choose. No Medical Detoxification Services Visions' doesn't appear to offer any type of medical detoxification service. This option would be beneficial to those with a severe dependency as it would help them to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. However, they do have medical doctors on staff; therefore, you should ask if they can offer a medical detoxification option upon request. Pricing Structure Not Made Public Visions' does not publicly disclose their pricing structure nor do they provide any type of examples. However, this is not uncommon. Posting this type of information on their website would help their site visitors to more thoroughly understand what all is involved in entering an alcohol rehab program. Without this information, many people might be under the false impression that they can't get treatment because they can't afford
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