Visions Of Nature : Visions Essay

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Visions of Nature Reflection
Visions of Nature Reflection When the Visions of Nature project was first explained in the beginning of the course I was immediately worried about how I would be able to create something that represented the natural world in an artistic way. Personally, I am not the most skilled in the world of art through visual and esthetically pleasing mediums. My artistic peak was reached in kindergarten when I made an impressive elephant with finger paint before the school’s annual trip to the National Zoo. At first I struggled with deciding what type of project to pursue. I wanted to do something meaningful and original, but the best I could think of was either to make a video or maybe a collage. It wasn’t until I was walking back to my dorm room late one night when it presented itself, literally. It was a pretty peaceful evening when I was passing the Dominion residence building. I did not see or hear anyone or anything around me. It was completely silent when out of nowhere a shopping cart came rolling off the top set of stairs and crashed onto the grass in front of me. After the cart had ceased to move it was completely silent again. That is when I decided that I would make a shopping cart garden. It would be an interesting piece that would capture people’s attention and would not require me to torture my fellow classmates with my sub-par finger-painting. The garden would give a tangible source for observers that would create a larger impact than

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