Visit Of The Mcdonald 's On Okeechobee Boulevard

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For this assignment I chose to visit the McDonald’s on Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach and the Chick-Fil-A on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach. I visited McDonald’s first just after what could be considered the dinner rush. When walking into the store the first thing I noticed was the floor was fairly dirty, especially near the trash receptacles. There were clearly visible items of food that had fallen off of people’s trays as they attempted to clear their trays off. I got into the line to order and noticed that there were three people ahead of me. There was only one McDonald’s employee working the registers while I saw another standing by on their cell phone. I believe the second employee not working the registers was a manager. She was unaware of the line that had grown and when she looked up she signed into a register to help. I had gone into the store with the intention of only ordering a sweet tea, but if I were to have been offered an item I would buy it. I gave my order to the manager of only a sweet tea and she gave me my total. It was interesting to see that the manager did not try to upsell my order as I was only getting a $1 drink. As the drinks were a self-service, I went to go get the sweet tea and found they were out of sweet tea. I informed the manager and she said they would get another one out. Rather than get a different drink I decided to wait to see how long it would take the staff to replace the sweet tea. Once the manager told

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