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For my museum trip I chose to visit the Leepa-Rattner museum in Tarpon Springs. I have never been to an art museum before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. With that being said, I must admit I really found enjoyment from the distinctive emphasis that artists put within many of these images. Furthermore, it is truly amazing how you can gaze at a work of art and begin to establish an idea of the narrative being told within the image. The Leepa-Rattner museum is not very large, and it did not take very long to view everything that was on display. But to a great degree, I was fascinated with the workmanship and focus of many of the paintings. The museum was very beautiful, and the architecture was very well done as well. The building presents an image of a ship at sea. Additionally, I really valued the size of the museum, which is not huge, yet rather more personal and relaxed. I found a few of the works strong and persuasive, and the more diminutive size keeps things in perspective.
The first painting that really drew my attention was the full sized image by Picasso called Guernica. The proportion and balance of the painting is astounding. The scene portrayed in Guernica is a room filled with moving, shouting and anguished adults, and creatures. Also, I was told by someone at the museum one of the more fascinating parts of the piece, and that is that it is done in monochrome. Generally, Picasso was known for his energetic abstract and cubist works of art, so why did he

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