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To begin, for my fieldwork project I decided to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum. The cross-cultural topic that I chose is “Tools of all Kinds” and I focused on weapons. I decided to choose weapons because I believe they can tell us a lot about the culture of different people from different parts of the world. The types of weapons and what they are made of represent different cultural views and even the surrounding areas of these places, because weapons are made from what is available to people. Weapons from different places in the world can lead to inferences of that specific culture’s religious beliefs, their surrounding availability of resources, and even their traditions. While conducting my research I was highly intrigued by my findings and I was previously unaware of the different weapons that have developed over time in different parts of the world. Some of the finesse and delicacy in design of specific weapons was so beautiful. As I was taking pictures of different weapons and noting the type of materials used to make these weapons, I was astonished by some of my findings. The styles of each weapon was unique in its’ design and material, as well as its purpose. Most of the weapons served a purpose in war or territorial fights. However, there were also different purposes for some of the weapons I observed. The methodology I used in this project was simple. To collect my data, I walked around the second and third floors of the Milwaukee Public Museum and

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