Visit The Saint Louis Holocaust Museum For My Independent Field Trip

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I chose to visit the Saint Louis Holocaust Museum for my independent field trip on April 6, 2016 to get out of my typical comfort zone and learn about a specific group of people that endured the largest genocide in recorded history. Upon entering the building, I was shocked to see the number of uniforms and other items that were recovered from World War II. This was the first thing that really set the tone for me and put me in the right emotional state to think about the fact that these are real families and children that were murdered simply because the Nazi’s wanted to. A few of the numbers that really shocked me include, at least six million Jewish were killed, thirteen percent of the population of Russia was wiped out, and a grand total of seventy to eighty-five million people were killed in WW2 (3-4% of the world’s population).
The Holocaust was initiated based on the premise that Jewish people, mentally/physically handicapped people, and a few other smaller people groups were all inferior to the Aryan race as described by Adolf Hitler. The direct effects of the Holocaust are easily identifiable, such as Jewish and military deaths, and the destruction of whole cities, but I was utterly shocked when I read about the indirect effects that this level of hate towards people had brought forth. As the Nazi’s began to occupy countries in Europe, their allies such as Japan also made leaps and bounds to attack other countries such as the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of…

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