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For this reflection paper I decided to visit the Young at Art Museum. It is located on Southwest 121st Avenue and is just south of 5-95.(Figure 1) I decided to go on a Friday and I think a few schools may have had the same idea. Upon first arriving I knew, almost instantly, that Young at Art was designed with the youth in mind. Which is great reasoning for the name Young at Art, but I hadn’t thought much of it before my visit. At first look I noticed that there was much to do at Y.A.A. and I was not sure where to start so I checked out the information wall which let you know all the different sections and styles of art they had on exhibit. As I began to walk through the first piece that caught my eye was a realistic sculpture of a young girl constructing a puzzle. (Figure 2) At first I thought she was really just a child at the museum playing and then I realized how well the artist captured the moment with the sculpture and I knew that I was hooked. I could not wait to experience more, so I quickly moved forward through the exhibits, possibly a bit too fast and I decided to make extra stops while on my way back. Another amazing piece had caught my eye named “Sweet Madness” which depicted perfect circles which were made using many different colored pill capsules. (Figure 3) I was really able to relate with this piece and because of the feelings I received, I really enjoyed my overall experience. From the moment I arrived I could tell that the environment had a life of its

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