Visiting A Jewish Day Service

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On Visit number two I attended a Jewish morning service in a Temple. I went along with Brady and we went to the Temple Beth Israel. We walked in and sat down in the booths. The service was led by Rabbi Bruce Benson. A Rabbi, I learned, is a Jewish scholar or teacher appointed by other Jewish leaders. We had come on what they called Shabbat Morning, it was a special service because it was to celebrate a young girl named Elexis Goldberg on her Bat Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish tradition that celebrates a young man or women coming of age.
The Jews started with a greeting"Shabbat Shalom" which means peace and a way of saying hello and goodbye. I guess it 's about saying come or go with peace. The Rabbi said that this was a time to separate themselves from the rest of the world, it is a time to reflect.
Next the Rabbi, continued with a story time. He talked about a time where a young Jew could only go to school if he had a pen and ink, so then the Jews got together and donated money so young Jewish children could buy the materials and have the opportunity to go to school. So. It 's great that they have so many opportunities especially now young Jewish women like Elexis.
Following the story, the first task was for Elexis to wrap herself in a type of robe. Then she sang a song in Hebrew. She then proceeded to read from the Torah, (a Torah is the old testament, it is a written law that has five books of the Hebrew Bible. These books were given by God to Moses on Mount…
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