Visiting A Nursing Care Facility Essay

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Visiting a nursing care facility while learning about gerontology they go hand and hand. While learning about aging the best way to fully understand the information is to make observations. There are numerous connections that can be made from observations and the class readings. Throughout this course, there have been many chapters in Social Gerontology that provide a lot of information to understand aging.
The adult facility I choose is White Oak Manor. The type of rehabilitation services available are in the following areas: general, amputee, back injury, cardiopulmonary, orthopedic, outpatient, stroke and virtual. The average life expectancy is 78.1 years old (Hooyman and Kiyak, 15). The ages of the residents vary from their 40’s to 102 years old. From the residents I have seen and meet with, it appears to be even between the males and females.
Aging, in general, refers to changes that take place in the organism throughout the life span- good, bad, and neutral (Hooyman and Kiyak, 6). Usually, someone between the age sixty-five and older is referred to as “old person.” During my orientation, pre-internship interview and internship hours I have been able to make a lot of connections between this course and my observations. I have been able to walk the facility and freely speak with some of the residents. I was able to meet the oldest resident of the facility. She was 102 years old. There are also some young residents in the facility who are in their 40’s. The age range
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