Visiting Cultural Anthropologist Analysis

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Self as Informant Assuming that the visiting cultural anthropologist can speak English (and knows the appropriate distance and volume for standard conversation), and has at least a high school education and, some basics like clothes, toothbrush, soap, shampoo and, having a driver’s license would be even better, or some solution for transportation such as buses or have friends or family to drive the cultural anthropologist around or be part a tourist group that provides transportation and maybe a hotel, if the cultural anthropologist has friend or family in the US I would see about if they can help with housing. If you cannot find any housing, then you should use the money that you have brought over and exchanged to reserve a room at a hotel…show more content…
In some hotels will offer breakfast at the hotel which can be a buffet style down stairs or breakfast in bed style where they bring the food to you. If it is like a breakfast in bed there should be a menu in the room make your selection and when you call from the room tell them what you would like and they will bring it, you may need to give them your room number or name. If it is a buffet then you can come down, talk to cashier see if you need to pay to get in, get a plate and silverware which is typically wrapped by a napkin go around and look at what you might want and using the utensils that are given sitting on or in the food to obtain what you want and place it on your plate. Once have filled your plate find a seat and sit down and eat.
Notable Eating Etiquette. Using the silverware if the cultural anthropologist does not come from a place that has silverware here is a brief explanation of the different utensils. The fork is transporting food from the plate to the mouth and knife is to cut food to smaller sizes and the spoon is liquids like cereals and not drinks unless your stirring it. Not always there will be silverware available to you or maybe unusual Try to avoid making unnecessary noises when eating even if typically shows that you are enjoying the meal it is just better to thank whomever is serving
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