Visiting The Milwaukee Art Museum From Jane Bradley Pettit

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While visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum the art piece that stood out to me the most was Union II by Yaacov Agam in 1977, a gift to the museum from Jane Bradley Pettit. This art piece was created with Oil on a piece of wood with a repeated upside down “V” texture. It stood out to me the most because of how it surprised me when I looked at it in a different perspective and the painting changed, being 3 paintings in one. The art piece is viewable in the appendix section at the end of the Analysis. Looking at each of the art angles we see that only the front view shows implied lines with the separation of colors between the texture’s slopes. This texture is created by an upside down “V” hump throughout the artwork, which can be seen in the Enhanced View in the appendix. Moving from Left-Side to Right-Side the other artworks are shown at only certain angles, we see here lines become complete rather than implied, becoming more abstract; this also shows that the element of motion is from the viewer is needed to see this artwork completely. From the front view the artwork shows implied shape, the left side, shows shape with objects with curved edges and lines, and the right-side shows objects with straight/sharp edges. We can also say that, overall, this piece of artwork has form due to the necessity for the artist to create these 3rd-Dimensional “V” humps to show the other artworks at their angles. This work of art also employed value as shown in all 3 angles, we can see that at

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