Visiting a Middle Eastern Grocery Store

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For this project I was planning to visit some kind of international or ethnic event such a festival or foreign holiday celebration. However, after spending couple hours of searching on google, unfortunately I was not able to find any kind of international activities around Denver area that were scheduled for the end of March. Trip to the any kind of church did not sound very entertaining and inspiring to me. I am not atheist and do believe that there is some kind of superstitious force or god out there, but all the church visits and religious rituals or services bore me to death. So, I decided that church trip would not be such a good idea. Since my last choice for this project was visiting Ethnic grocery store I got on computer and googled “Middle Eastern grocery stores in Denver”. I decided to go with Middle Eastern store and not Asian or Hispanic because I’ve never been in one, and never really tried any type of Middle Eastern food, but I do like to try different foods and love to cook. Besides that I go to Asian stores quite often, and Hispanic stores are all over Colorado, so I thought they would not be so exiting to me. After doing my research on internet I decided to go to the store named “Arash”, it is an Iranian grocery store in Aurora on the intersection of Parker Road and Yale Avenue. I chose it because it had best reviews out of all Middle Eastern stores in Denver area, and appeared to be largest with biggest variety of products. “Arash” is the Persian

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