Visiting a Third World Country and My Experience There Essay

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When I was little, I heard stories of Third World countries where people lived in complete poverty. I would hear of how they had dilapidated domiciles, contaminated water, deadly diseases, and shortages of food. I was always told how blessed I was to live in a country where I was free of these situations, but I always took this truth for granted. I would go along every day, not worrying about where I was going to sleep or what I was going to eat, when people all over the world were facing these situations as problems. It wasn't until I was sixteen that I realized how blessed I was, when I was given the opportunity to visit San Jose, Costa Rica.

It was May 25, 2013 when I, accompanied by my friends, went on a journey that would change my
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We tried to remain imperturbable, but we were overwhelmed with all the glorious architectures, festivities, and traditions of San Jose, Costa Rica. Later, we arrived to the periphery part of the city, where are new, utilitarian abode for the week awaited.

The following week, we spent most of our time in the poorest parts of the city. There we went door-to-door sharing the love of God and had Vacation Bible Schools for the kids. This is when I realized how blessed I truly was. For the first time, I got to see the privations and penury environment that the citizens of Third World countries had to endure. The unpaved streets were covered in trash. Many houses, made of tin sheets, had collapsed on themselves. The people had to share wells, where they drew their parasitic water. Men, women, and children sat on the sides of the roads begging for money, because they were sick, hungry, and needed money for food and proper medication. The site of these atrocious states of living broke my heart, and showed me how blessed I really was for not having to face these problems.

As the week came to an end, I thought of all the wondrous adventures that I had experienced such as: spending time with the locals; roaming the marketplaces; sailing across the elevated zip lines; and sharing the abundant love of God. I also thought of how blessed I was to have a home, food, water, and a family that loves me. At that
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