Vission, Mission & Core Values Essay

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What makes the truly exceptional companies different from the other companies? How can Disney get 38,000 employees to operate as one, to react to thousands of different situations a day – yet consistently? How did Dee Hock create an entirely new type of organization, VISA, which now dominates financial transactions across the world with a seamless service? Vision, mission & core values, which are aligned through all recruitment, training, controls and decision making. Developing a vision, mission and values is the foundation for long term success. If a vision and mission is recognized by all stakeholders and affects every hiring, strategic decision and communication; its effect can be magic. Developing a vision, mission and values is a …show more content…
Warren Bennis, a noted writer on leadership, says: "To choose a direction, an executive must have developed a mental image of the possible and desirable future state of the organization. This image, which we call a vision, may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or a mission statement."
A vision helps unite people towards a purpose. Creating and living a vision is the role of leaders in organizations. They have to espouse it and help others to believe it.
Visions are aesthetic and moral; they come from within as well as outside.
According to Disney, a successful vision accomplishes six goals:
• gives a sense of the future
• guides decision making
• creates a shared purpose
• provides guidelines that determine behavior
• inspires emotion
• connects to values
Mission is the "WHY?" the organization's answer to the question, "Why do we exist?"
A mission statement is an organization's vision translated into written form. It is a unifying statement of what an organization is in business to do. It is a key reference point in the planning and implementation of change.
It makes concrete the leader's view of the direction and purpose of the organization. For many corporate leaders it is a vital element in any attempt to motivate employees and to give them a sense of priorities.
A mission statement should be a short and concise statement
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