Vista Did Not Concern Us

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vista did not concern us. Focused on house hunting, we did not plan to spend much time in the apartment. We arrived in the middle of February and met David at the entrance to the Porta Romana near Orvieto’s historic center. I recognized David instantly from the photo which he posted on the B&B website, although I must admit, in person he looked heavier and surprisingly older. David was extremely polite, hospitable and made us feel like special guests when he explained that despite the B&B being closed during the winter months, he accepted our reservation as an exceptional case. David currently lived with his grandmother in his childhood home, which he converted into the popular B&B Garibaldi several years ago. As the sole…show more content…
Orvieto enveloped us in a cozy sense of familiar territory and we were thrilled to be back. This was our first time visiting Italy in winter, because as future part-time residents, we felt that it was utmost important to experience Umbrian life in all seasons. Orvieto looked like a dreamy, fairy-tale village, uncrowded with tourists, and only a few locals milling around. The Duomo was luminescent against a backdrop of a crescent shaped moon beginning to climb the midnight sky. Even though Emilio’s and Patricia’s shops looked inviting and Cafè Barrique beckoned us to come in, we weren’t ready to interact with anyone yet and resisted the urge to stop in. Through the window of the Real Estate office, we saw Vanessa and Mandy engaged in a sublime discussion, however, feeling too weary to be social, we walked past without saying hello. Before returning to the B&B for some well needed rest, we ate a quick meal at a casual eating establishment nearby. Tomorrow morning we planned to “hit the ground running.” Morning came quickly for us and we were excited and rearing to go, beginning our day at Cafè Barrique, we ordered Italian coffees as if we were naturals at it. Paulo recognized us immediately and acknowledged our return with a smile and an exuberant “Buon giorno! Sei tornato. Come stai?” Good morning. You’re back. How have you been? “Va bene!” Vince said. We are well. We drank our coffee slowly on a bench outside and wondered if the neighborhood
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