Essay on Vistakon and 1 Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses

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I recommend that Vistakon commence its launch nationwide. 1-Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses (1-D Acuvue) represents a differentiated and exciting soft contact lens product. The point of difference of 1-D Acuvue relative to other soft contact lenses is its convenience and comfort. The primary market segment for 1-D Acuvue is the part-time contact lens wearer (3.9MM of total U.S population), who wore them only on certain events. Vistakon would encounter less price resistance with these part-time users due to the less frequency use, and more willing to pay a higher unit price than regular daily wear customers due to the product’s high quality, convenience and comfort. Secondary market segment is the full-time (conventional and frequent…show more content…
However Vistakon and ECP have several key obstacles to overcome: (1) Vistakon need to help ECP to overcome their concerns regarding the profitability of disposable lenses by educating them about the value of retaining a customer over time versus a single visit, (2) ECP needs to promote the 1-D Acuvue by emphasizing its convenience and comfort, “cost per day” rather than the total annual cot of using the product to the customers, and (3) Some ECPS were reluctant to provide patient data to Vistakon for fear that the company would eventually market directly to their patient, so Vistakon needs to ease such A concern by stimulating the patient to visit an ECP, emphasizing the close relationship between Vistakon and ECPs. The other important collaborators are distributors (25%) and retailer chain stores (28%), and latter should have large display area to select the contact lenses and had optometrists to perform exam and Rx, so Vistakon’s sales rep can work with them to promote 1-D Acuvue. (Collaborator) As far as product positioning, the mantra of Vistakon/1-D Acuvue should be this: For those customer who consider convenience and comfort as the most important factor in choosing contact lens other than price. 1-D Acuvue is the first authentic single use, daily wear, disposable lens. Under such an “ideal” scenario, the user would always be able to wear a clean comfortable lens while avoiding the

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