Visual Analysis : Donald Trump

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Kristani Cochran
Mr. Payne
English Comp 1101
29 September 2016
Visual Analysis
Recently, Donald Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo by tweeting a picture of him posing with a taco bowl, in the most Donald Trump way possible. Contrarily, Trump has completely slandered Latinos by calling them rapists, killers, and criminals in the recent past. Even though he has constantly made inappropriate remarks towards the Mexican people, he claims to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by forcing a pose and eating a taco bowl while in his penthouse office, doing his daily work casually. This only poses one huge question: What was Donald Trump’s real purpose of taking such a poor quality picture?
It is apparent that Trump made little effort to make this picture authentic. The caption of his picture is more like an advertisement for his Trump Tower Grill, in which he states that the best are served there. A taco bowl isn’t an authentic Mexican dish and contradicts the whole purpose of the tweet. It’s actually just a taco salad with a great big wall around it, which I’m sure is Trump’s favorite attribute of it. Although it seems as if things cannot get any stranger right now, I’m brought to the realization that the taco bowl is inside of a bowl, that is on top of a plate even though a taco bowl is a self- containing food. Also, he also states, “I love Hispanics!” as another major fail! Cinco de Mayo is not a Hispanic holiday, but a Mexican one that celebrates their victory in the French- Mexican war.
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