Visual Analysis Essay On Bimbo Beach

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As I was looking through my photo gallery I noticed I had many pictures of beaches I visited in the past so I decided to make a graphic design about the beach. Since my topic is about storytelling by animation I decided to make the bench the setting of my animation story. I made each photo capture a little of the beach in the design. So, a little bit behind the sorry of Bimbo Beach is that is not a real beach in real life but just a small hangout place back in my hometown. In the cartoon, theirs a company called Bimbo Company that makes toys that have life, but he is a bit different from the rest. The machine that produced him had a mishap and made his mind think differently. The Norms are the rest of the figures they act perfect and do everything right unlike the main character.…show more content…
The main character has a mind of a child, but he does adult activities. All he wants to do is spend his time at Bimbo Beach with his friends doing ridiculous things. Bimbo is a town so basically everything is named after it in the surroundings. Bimbo beach is where all the young people hang out and surf for completion. The way of showing how popular you are is by surfing and showing it off that the beach. Since the main character is a bit different he usually gets in trouble for anything a teenager would go like party drink or smoke he’s a typical rebellion until he met with the passion of surfing. the method is used in Photoshop were mainly cutting out different items from each of my picture and making it a collide into one in a pretty hectic way because of all the filters. I was not really aiming it to be realistic since my theme is cartooning I was going for more of a random fun beach
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