Visual Analysis: Rituals By Yung Cheng Lin

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Living as a woman has been, for many, a painful and exhausting experience. The photo series Rituals by Yung Cheng Lin documents womanhood and one untitled photo in this series, which depicts a woman being pierced through the throat with a long stemmed red rose as a large fly lands on her open mouth, illustrates the female experience from Lin’s perspective. This imagine is beautifully shot and unnerving to the viewer. The purpose of this gorgeous and violent image is to show how cultural ideals of beauty have been thrust upon women as a whole and the way these ideals are harming women. The woman in Lin’s photo symbolizes women as a whole. The woman is bent over so her hair falls in her face, masking her identity. Because the viewer can not tell who the subject is, she becomes a symbol of women rather than one specific woman. The viewer is meant to feel a sense of distance from the subject; Her body is turned from the camera and most of her face is hidden. Many women feel isolated from society when they can’t or won’t follow the ideals of beauty that have been thrust upon them. The distance the viewer feels from the subject very clearly symbolizes the isolation felt by the subject herself, and thereby felt by…show more content…
The roses symbolizes cultural ideals of beauty and how they oppress women, piercing through what comes naturally to women and forcing on them a cookie cutter form of beauty. Roses are traditionally a symbol of beauty and femininity. Lin, by using the rose as a weapon, shows the viewer that while something is beautiful in the eyes of many, it can still be deadly. The stem of the rose is covered in long pointed thorns; this furthers the metaphor by showing the viewer that the rose, beauty, is accompanied by thorns, the loss of identity felt when women are forced to conform to ideals of beauty. This roses symbolizes the mask of beauty worn by a system of oppression that plagues many
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