Visual And Design, An Art Of Thought And Communication

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The understanding of all objects that are made for human use are influenced with the themes of communication. Designs treat form not only as value itself but also in the means of pleasing and shaping the appearance of objects for an effect that’s intended for whatever. Design can be viewed as a rhetoric, which is an art of reshaping society, changing the course of individuals and setting patterns for new action. Technologists argue that technology is part of broader art and design, an art of thought and communication that can move in other’s wide range of beliefs by persuasion, about practice life for the individual and groups. Rhetoricians are expert in form of intended to persuade communication. Design is an art of thought directed to action that’s practiced through persuasiveness of objects and therefore design invades the lively expression of ideas that are competing about social life.
One of the good chairs from Design Within Reach, Le Corbusier Style LC2 Petit Comfort Lounge Chair/Armchair, which was originally designed from the 1920’s, has been a design icon for the 80 years. This chair was especially created for an exhibition in Paris and the attention was really on the external that is located on the outside of the cushions. It’s the first sofa chair that hass the external fram surrounding it’s exterior. Its purpose is to give comfort to the ones who sit on it and give attractive view to an environment that it stands at, and comfort is very much given by
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