Visual Anthropology Of The North, Born Into Brothels, Les Maitres Fous And Kypseli, A Divided Reality Essay

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Visual anthropology is the practice of anthropology by using visual medium with the study and production of ethnographic photography, film and, new media in culture and society. The course anthropology of film is great starter for prospective anthropologists and scholars to learn and develop the skills they need in the field of anthropology. If there is anything that is important, it is the context of the research. In this course, we also watched over ten films–both anthropological and non-anthropological–with ethnographic features. By watching both anthropological and non-anthropological films, I was able to observe and analyze each film in an ethical manner. For instance, some of the films that we watched includes: Nanook of the North, Born into Brothels, Les Maitres Fous and Kypseli, A Divided Reality:Men and Women Apart. Each the films listed above may have faults, but they all had some form of anthropological element. Firstly, Richard Flaherty’s work Nanook of the North portrayed qualities of an ethnographic film, although Flaherty was not an anthropologist. According to Ruby, Flaherty “not only behaved like an anthropologist, but his field methods, his stated intentions, and his willingness to be methodologically explicit place him more solidly within orthodox anthropology than do the actions of most of the contemporary self-professed ethnographic filmmakers” (Ruby 2000, 86). That is to say, by displaying ethnographic details in his film, the use of anthropological
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