Visual Art During The Middle Ages And The Renaissance

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IWT1 TASK1 Visual Art in The Middle Ages and The Renaissance The Middle Ages spanned from 400 to 1400 A.D. During this period, often referred to as the Medieval Period, began after the fall of the Roman Empire. After Rome fell Europeans found that they no longer had a single state or government and they turned to the Catholic Church which soon became the most powerful institution of the era. Throughout the Medieval Period Kings, Queens and other leaders relied on their alliances with the church for much of their power. In the Middle Ages religion was so central to society that small villages were built around churches and in larger towns the community’s resources were spent on building huge cathedrals. These communities relied on the church to provide them with basic social services and protection as well as spiritual guidance. Art during The Middle Ages was used as a way to teach because so few people could read. The church used art to aid in the telling of spiritual stories and to provide important symbolism to the people. Medieval period art was influenced by the Roman Empire, Christian iconography and the Byzantine culture of the Middle East. A common trait of medieval art was to show important figures as larger than other figures around them. These figures showed little emotion. Their expressions were serious and the figures themselves seemed stiff and two dimensional. Most of these traits were consistent with the use of art for religious edification and as such most
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