Visual Arts And Drama Integration Essay

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Art is important as it allows students learn to express and discover more about themself. The teacher’s role is to create the safe environment for them to take risks and create opportunities for them to express and discover more about themselves. It is important to have arts in teaching as it triggers creative actions and response by linking ideas, engaging, imagination and feelings (Ministry of Education, 2007). Furthermore, art can stimulate and enable learning, cognitive and academic development (Roy, Baker & Hamilton, 2012). In my series of lesson plans, I have decided to integrate visual arts and drama. Visual arts allow students to freely express themselves through drawing, construction and painting (Dinham, 2014). Whereas drama is all about interactions, reactions and actions through exciting learning experience such as role-playing (Dinham, 2014; Ministry of Education, 2012). Through the visual art and drama integration, this student gain a sense of confidence in what they do, as they are creating an art piece and presenting it to everyone the drama. The topic I have chosen for visual arts is paper mosaics where students develop practical knowledge. I decide to choose this, as it can create a really engaging and relaxing environment. They “ explore some art-making conventions, applying acknowledge of elements and selected principles through the use of materials and processes.” (Ministry of Education, 2007, p.47) The students start by learning about what mosaics are
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