Visual Arts As A Career

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If you love arts and find happiness in creating beautiful things, then you should explore visual arts as a career. Visual arts is an always expanding field, especially in a modern-day society. There is a growing need for visual artists because businesses are more visual through the internet. You do not have to be a photo-realistic painter to be a successful artist as art is far more than painting on a canvas. It can be anything from illustrating a book to helping a company market their product in an effective way. It may be challenging to find your niche at first. Do not give up on your dream too soon. If you feel the drive to create, then you can do so successfully somewhere in the creative world. In this essay I am going to explore what…show more content…
This profession also creates a safe space for her to work out her emotions. (Does she give any other reasons? this is a short paragraph) I expect this field to be very challenging because it is very competitive and there may not be a steady paycheck. Campbell says this is not untrue but a high-risk job keeps you motivated. I expected Campbell to tell me that a portfolio is the most important asset to have in this profession. I think a strong, well-made portfolio will show clients what to expect from an artist. Throughout the interview, Campbell did continually stress the importance of a strong portfolio. I assume education requirements for artists are flexible. I believe that taking art classes to strengthen your portfolio and skills is very important. Campbell is self taught, but tells me if she could go back to when she was my age, it would have been very helpful to pursue a higher education. Campbell stresses that education helps an artist to learn the language of art and how to use various materials. However, education alone will not make you a good artist; you must constantly create, practice to improve your technique, and stay self motivated. (who says this?) I think one of the main aspects of this job is to know how to self promote and successfully market your product. Campbell’s sister is a successful Los Angeles based artist who is exceptional at self promotion. Campbell informs me that knowing how to confidently promote
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