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#2. Available Credit. A retail store gives each of its customers a maximum amount of credit. A customer’s available credit is determined by subtracting the amount of credit used by the customer from the customer’s maximum amount of credit. As you did in programming challenge 1, perform steps 1 through 6 of the programming process to design an application that determines a customer’s available credit. Steps 1-6 1. Clearly define what the application is to do. 2. Visualize the application running on the computer and design its user interface. 3. Make a list of the controls needed. 4. Define the values of each control’s properties. 5. Make a list of methods needed for each control. 6. Create a flowchart or pseudo…show more content…
Make a list of the controls you included in your sketch. List the control type and the name of each control. Controls: Control type | Control name | Description | Form | (Default) | A form that serves as a small window to put the other controls in | Label | (Default) | Displays the message Customers Name | Label | (Default) | Displays the message Maximum Credit Received | Label | (Default) | Displays the message Amount of Credit Used | Label | (Default) | Displays the message Total Available Credit | TextBox | txtCustomerName | Allows user to enter Customers Name | TextBox | txtMaximumCredit | Allows user to enter the Maximum Credit each customer receives | TextBox | txtCreditUsed | Allows user to enter the amount of credit the customer has used | Label | lblTotAvailableCredit | Displays the total credit remaining after the btnCalcAvailableCredit button has been clicked | Button |

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