Visual Distraction And Its Effects On Reaction Time

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Visual Distraction and its effects on reaction time in humans Abstract This research project explores the effects and consequences of visual distraction on reaction times in adults. In this study we want to see if participants who are visually distracted have a slower pre-motor time than those who are not visually distracted. This is crucial in situations such as driving as we believe there are many accidents that arise from distractions. In order to address the question, we will collect sufficient participants and perform simple experiments to gather required results. Our results will contain accurate measurements of reaction times which will be a critical factor for gaining knowledge in this area. This field of study caught our attention as we believe there are many on-road accidents which result from mainly visual and other sorts of distractions such as audio. Distractions are said to be a fundamental factor which contributes to a slower pre-motor time in traffic conditions(Holahan, Culler et al. 1978). Similar studies have been done in this field(Triggs and Harris 1982, Consiglio, Driscoll et al. 2003), However they mainly focus on a broad spectrum of distractions and don’t go into specific details of each type of distraction. Knowing this, we want to examine systematically the effects of visual environmental distractions on reaction times of individuals. A study performed in Great Britain states significant amount of deaths occur yearly which are mainly
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