Visual Elements Of A Training Workout Sessions Such As Ppe Employees May Be Using During Their Job

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3) Incorporate visual elements into ‘live” training sessions such as PPE employees may be using during their job. 4) Provide opportunities for a guided tour of the employee’s department and an opportunity to meet with their supervisor early on. Changes to Content Apart from the automation and voice-over of the training content that is currently used in the Alchemy SISTEM for New Hire orientation, little has been done to revise and refresh the material. Training modules and module tests should be evaluated for effectiveness while improving existing content with visual enhancements. 1) Older training modules and presentations should be put through a regular process of review by the designated subject matter expert or functional leader. 2) Content should move away from wordy narratives which have been captured on PowerPoint slides, toward content that is driven from pictures and videos to engage employees in a different way than merely a voice reading a slide. 3) Courses such as PSM, Electrical Safety and HazCom should be regularly evaluated to ensure that the literacy level of the content matches the intended audience. 4) The reduction of these hours in the New Hire Orientation program will provide opportunity to increase the number of initial touches that may be made with onboarding personnel and employee supervision. Changes to Course Testing: It has been noted that many of the tests associated with company specific training modules could be rewritten to improve the
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